Be your true self to step into your               absolute highest potential

Find Your True Self

Understanding your true self can help you lead a life of fulfillment and happiness. Happy people create healthier communities, healthy communities  make a better world. Let's make the world a better place!

I  use an integrative approach combining Cognitive Behavior Techniques, Therapeutic Art Techniques, Humanistic and Existential Approach and Mindfulness Concepts according to individual needs and preferences. I have designed multidisciplinary programs for adolescents for life skills development and for adults with a passion to reach out and help people recognize their true selves, unlock their true potential and find their purpose to lead a life of fulfillment while I am living mine in the process


Life Skills Training

Multi disciplinary training sessions for vital life skills including critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communication and creative thinking

Group Sessions - Children / Adolescents 

8- 12 years

13-17 years

Art Meditation

Art is a wonderful medium for cathartic expression, releasing stress and creative energy

 Mindfulness Art Meditation for Relaxation - Adults and Children

Mindfulness Art meditation for enhancing attention and concentration- Children 8-17 years including children with special needs

Therapeutic Art Sessions

Art for self-discovery and exploration - Adolescents

Art for Relaxation - Adults

Art for Self-development - Women

Art for self-expression and communication - kids

Art for self-expression and communications - Children with special needs

Art for self-expression and communication - Adults 

Private Life Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions to help overcome obstacles and challenges associated with personal life, relationships, profession, parenting, confidence, self esteem, self care, managing grief, loss, sadness, and change for aduits and children