Anindita Dwivedi

About Me

Anindita Dwivedi,  Life Coach, Mindfulness Master practitioner and  artist

For as long as can remember I've found my happy place in picking a pencil and paper in my hand, sketching my thoughts and enjoying my own company. As I grew up I recognized creativity and sensitivity as significant traits of my individuality. I started out as an art instructor working with children with special needs and adults with mental disorders. The little achievements of children were reasons for me to celebrate each day. The feeling that my efforts can bring positive changes in the lives of people changed my life.

My love for art and a deep interest in studying the human mind & behavior lead me to my research on "Effect of Art Therapy on Aggression in middle school students" and helped me explore and establish the power of art as a therapeutic tool. My thirst for knowledge had no end and I kept adding new skills to my repertoire. I continue to do so since I believe that life is not just about finding yourself but creating yourself each day. 

I use an integrative approach combining Cognitive Behavior Techniques, Therapeutic Art techniques, Humanistic and Existential approach and mindfulness concepts according to individual needs and preferences. I have designed multidisciplinary programs for adolescents for life skills development and for adults to recognize their true selves, unlock their true potential and find their purpose to lead a life of fulfillment while I am living mine in the process. 

As far as professional education is concerned, I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, MS in Counseling and Psychotherapy and a diploma in Applied Arts. I have worked for more than 15 Years in the fields of counselling, ABA therapy, and art instruction in neurological clinics, hospitals, non-profit organizations and schools in India and United States

About Arunima

A tribute to my parents Arun and Pratima who have always inspired me to live my dreams. I lost them both recently within a span of 2 years. During this difficult time, I found solace in art. I have deeply experienced the magical power of art and creativity while working through my own grief and stress. This realization has given me a meaningful purpose. Arunima is my initiative in their fond memory to touch lives of others and contribute positively.

"Arunima" is a beautiful word in Hindi meaning "glow of the dawn". It signifies a new beginning.

Arunima is a center for Life coaching and Therapeutic art sessions for self-exploration, self-development and relaxation. I have put together my passion, my years of experience and learning to create multidisciplinary programs and modules for children, adolescents and adults according to the needs in various developmental phases.

I do not offer therapy and counseling for mental illnesses. I offer coaching as a proactive and preventive approach towards mental fitness and well being which is not a one time experience but is attained through a continuous process.